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Dianne Jacobs

The Talent Advisors


Chosen By Leading Organisations And Executives

Dianne Jacobs is the founding principal of The Talent Advisors and her focus is guiding and informing organisations, executives, partners and directors. She is often described as professional, a trusted sounding board with a strategic capacity, pragmatic with insightful solutions to improve business and leader impact.

With a strong commercial and action-oriented approach, Dianne draws on a background that includes twelve years with investment bank Goldman Sachs JBWere, where she was an equity partner.

She has been selected as a panel member or associate with:

  • Melbourne Business School

  • Australian Institute of Company Directors

  • Women on boards

  • corporate development programs

  • LEADERSHIP victoria (presenter and pro-bono mentor)

  • Governance Institute of Australia (pro-bono mentor)

Her client experience is across diverse sectors: aviation, banking, beverages, building materials, consultant engineering, education, financial services, government, hospitals, health insurance, investment management, investment banking, insurance, legal, logistics, media, oil & energy, professional services, private equity, sports marketing, resources and start-ups.

Client testimonials attest to the value she brings to c-suite executives and board directors.

Dianne’s published articles cover managerial leadership, business, board-readiness, talent strategies and women’s leadership.


Chosen For Acumen, Results and Approach

Like you, she wants people to succeed.

Having been on senior executive teams – and a sounding board to CEOs and their direct reports – she has a real understanding of high-impact talent, how they think, achieve success and which actions take performance and careers to the next level.

Dianne is skilled at improving business and leader impact by helping executives prepare for the next-level of leadership, to take stock of that new role, to jump-start change by coaching change agents, to avoid new leader transition pitfalls, to rethink their managerial leadership. She also guides executives wanting to be more astute when navigating the corporate landscape. Executives or new directors seek her out to help them be better positioned when transitioning to non-executive director.

In particular, Dianne brings to her work the acumen and insight gained from complex and demanding environments. Her expertise has been honed from involvement in all stages of the organisational life-cycle including merger, joint ventures and restructures – from the pre-transaction to the post-integration stages.

Her style is flexible, matching the way others learn. She is a confidential thought partner and the people she works with feel “listened to and more confident.” Empathy creates and maintains the relationship, which leads to discussions that uncover what is really happening, to being open to alternate perspectives, to learn and to change. Dianne utilises action learning, adaptive leadership, self-directed learning, situational leadership and mentoring circles.

More effective role-transitions, successful promotion nominations, reduced derailment risks, greater business outcomes, non-executive director board readiness, board or senior executive appointments, meaningful board skills matrix, improved performance ratings or 360° feedback and shifts in leader impact are typical outcomes from working with her.

Dianne’s relationships are collaborative. Based on trust, this mutual connection fosters a joint commitment to both agreed outcomes and the value of the alliance.

As seen by these testimonials Dianne successfully assists individuals aiming for board roles or corporate director-level positions.

By the way, she can be quite ‘social,’ tweeting about leadership, blogging or discussing tactics for aspiring board directors on LinkedIn.



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"…very, very positive about the process and the insight got from it … the whole team felt comfortable that the task was in good hands … look forward to staying in touch.” 

/ Partner, Private Equity /


“While I was preparing myself for Board work I came across Dianne Jacobs who helped me build my Board CV and coached me around what Boards are looking for and how to prepare myself for it.  I found the process really challenged me to think about myself, and what I might bring in a very different (and helpful) way.  That reshaping has helped me now build my Board portfolio to 3 in over a year."

/  Partner Consulting, Major Accounting Firm /


“I very much agree about the importance of a leader having a coach like you supporting role transition and also working in difficult contexts like you did for me.”

/ Senior Executive, LEADING Business School /

“Dianne was very engaging and pragmatic. She was thought provoking in a safe environment.”

/ Participant of an in-house mentoring circle run for an ASX top-5 corporate /

“She will see the thought out there and dive into a conversation.” 

/ CEO and Chairman, Consulting Engineering /

“I found the day very useful. I thought that not only was the content very helpful, but also the atmosphere – very confidence building. I appreciate the personal attention you gave and the way you handled different personalities. I look forward to our follow up.”

/ Senior Investment Analyst and Workshop Participant /