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problem: Successful transitions at critical points of the leadership journey are one of the anxieties for executives at an organisational and personal level. Change, is the other. As transformation ripples within a business, the pressure is for new approaches to context, doing and thinking. The executive challenge is to rethink managerial leadership.

Client feedback: “I very much agree about the importance of a leader having a coach like you supporting role transition and also working in difficult contexts like you did for me.” (Senior Executive, Leading Business School)

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PROBLEm: It is disappointing, after a long search and being one of the candidates on a strong director short-list, not to be selected. Nomination processes can be fraught. It takes real skill to guide those from the nomination committee during the interview and selection process. This includes countering any biases or pre-existing preferences and shifting the mind-set to transferable skills or potential.

Client feedback: “I am delighted to let you know that I have been offered a position on the board. They told me they were impressed with my written application when I arrived for my interview. Thanks so much for helping me with the written application and the interview tips!” (Non-Executive Director, Consultant and Executive Manager)

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Problem: Every potential non-executive director comes with some gaps. Every board is different. There is no such thing as the universal, perfect candidate.

Client feedback: “Just thought I would pass on a little bit of positive feedback I received on my board CV. The board that I am about to join is conducting an evaluation of its board and I have been included as the evaluation team want to understand where the new board members will fit in. I was complemented on my excellent ‘capabilities based’ CV. Thought you should share the congratulations. Thanks again.” (Non-Executive Director)

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problem: Board Resume and application writing is an intensive process that requires clarity of thought, interpretation of experience, the linking of capabilities to the requirements of the role and the ability to write in a concise manner. It is not easy.

Client feedback: “No way in the world, I would have written a CV this way which is the reason why you do what you do. Old adage ‘one does not know what they don’t know’” (President and Group COO, Executive Director, Joint-Venture Chair and NED) 

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problem: In the context of the organisational strategy and governance, a leader review provides a clearer roadmap on what is needed to deliver effective performance and adaptive leadership. if Neutrality and strategic insight is lacking, it is difficult to move from a ‘tick-the-box’ exercise to one that helps build the capacity for good leadership, strong engagement and strategic value.

Client feedback: “…very, very positive about the process and the insight got from it … the whole team felt comfortable that the task was in good hands … look forward to staying in touch.” (Partner, Private Equity)

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Astute individuals understand that career success takes more than just working harder. Advancing is often as much as playing by the unwritten rules – as it is about talent and results. Successful executives do take charge with adaptive responsesthey continually design their career strategies; share knowledge, connect and collaborate with their diverse networks; work on what truly matters; examine their choices for balance.

Client feedback: “Working with Dianne fundamentally changed the way I think about and now manage my career. Her thoughtful insights helped me better understand and acknowledge my strengths, and become more purposeful about defining my career objectives and building networks and pathways to help me get there. Dianne is a great communicator. Her sense of calm combined with her steely resolve provided space for clarity, honesty and action.” (Asia-Pacific Chief Credit Officer, Ratings Agency)

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