Success in the entrepreneurial space requires both creativity and the ability to take risk. The ante is that any change must be delivered and this means translating good ideas into results that truly improve business performance. Many leaders are still looking for a way to invoke entrepreneurship in their organisations.

The challenges are two-fold – a need to survive against nimble and fast-moving competitors; and having a drive for operational efficiency. It is not an either-or option – both operational efficiency and innovation are needed.

The truth is that change programs treat symptoms, not the underlying causes and operational efficiency initiatives can undercut innovation. A new approach is needed to orchestrate new possibilities, a new way of being and a new corporate context.

The half-life of executive capability is short. Without the ability to leverage innovation from relationships, individual and technical skills are all but temporal strengths for executives. Collaboration is the corporate zeitgeist.

CEOs regard collaboration as very important to innovation in their business. In addition, innovation in the business model is as essential as the innovation of core processes and functions, which may be why CEO’s are turning to external collaboration with business partners, customers and other organisations.

Not surprising is the reliance on employees to generate ideas and well-performing companies have established innovative cultures that are collaborative, collegial and team-oriented.

The commitment to explore new ideas within companies readily exists, but often opportunities that are talked about never seem to be fully achieved. Ideas that can deliver actual value remain a coveted commodity. The solution may require leading from a different place.

Leadership on innovation is not just about the hard-metrics of results. It is also about how people get those results. This emphasis recognises the importance of leadership as a catalyst for innovation.

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