How do you support people during those key transition points as they move through the talent pipeline? Will the lack of the right people inhibit your ability to meet future business scenarios?

Successful transitions at critical points of the leadership journey are one of the anxieties for executives at an organisational and personal level. Change, is the other.

As transformation ripples within a business, the pressure is for new approaches to context, doing and thinking. The executive challenge is to rethink managerial leadership.

Skilled at helping executives prepare for the next-level of leadership, to take stock of that new role, to jump-start change, to avoid new leader pitfalls, The Talent Advisors also guides those executives wanting to be more competitive in the promotion stakes, to become board-ready for a portfolio career or to be more astute and strategically positioned when navigating the corporate landscape.

Transition success enables the flexibility to leverage the talent pipeline for results both today and in an increasingly unknown future. An effective talent transition strategy contributes to the company’s competitiveness, core competency and distinctiveness. Leading companies preserve their talent investments.

The Talent Advisors works with organisations and individuals to support key leadership transitions. Some of our projects have included:

  • leadership effectiveness review for small and medium businesses
  • guiding executives and partners in professional services firms on how to be Board ready
  • preparing executives to be more successful during the promotion process, including how they prepare their resume to focus on what matters
  • high-potential talent development for future promotion
  • team collaboration using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®), Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Management or Boardroom Styles and Strengths.

Like many business initiatives, the most pressing issue for talent management is demonstrating a return on investment. Integrating commercial and talent management transition practices is good business.

Next-Level Leadership is a Mentoring Circle ideal for experienced managers, those recently promoted or high-potential talent who now need to re-think how they succeed in their role. it is full of strategies that help apply a new lens for more meaningful results and outcomes.

Promotion Readiness works with those in the talent pipeline to be better position for gaining that next-level promotion. It includes preparing a promotion focussed resume and presenting in the best way possible during the selection process.

Board Ready Executives assists executives to rethink the strategies and tactics when searching for a first or next Board. It covers how to develop a strengths-based Board CV, deciding which capabilities attain a seat at the table and how to assess the director landscape. The 21 insights and mentor tips for your action plan including preparing for the interview, which networks are more effective and when to draw the line. It complements what we do to develop a Board CV or when we work with companies who use board readiness as leadership development.

Boardroom Styles and Strengths explores what is your style in the boardroom? What strengths do you bring as a committee member or non-executive director? Using a specifically designed instrument these issues are explored as a group mentoring circle or with one-on-one coaching.