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Are you promotion ready? Do you have a written career plan? Do you work ‘on’ your career? Have you missed out on a wanted role? Is your next promotion at-risk? Do you have the ‘right CV’ when you apply for a promotion, Board role or new position?

Based on the work I do with executives on helping them gain executive, managing director, partner or board roles, one thing is evident: planning for a promotion should be an ongoing process and not something that happens when the leadership or boardrole that you want emerges.

Astute individuals understand that success takes more than just working harder. In executive work, performance counts, but success also depends on knowing the unwritten rules; continually designing career strategies; sharing knowledge, connecting and collaborating with diverse networks and stakeholders; knowing what truly matters; examining work-life choices for balance, energy and renewal; and having an ‘advisory board’ of champions or trusted mentors. Above all, you need a distinctive and valued leadership brand.

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