A Mentoring Circle is where a small group of people with a common interest and goal come together. It is a form of action learning using group processes. While the session is facilitated, each participant also brings their challenges, experiences and questions to the table and shares these insights. It is a more powerful form of masterclass or individual coaching.

I found the day very useful. I thought that not only was the content very helpful, but also the atmosphere – very confidence building. I appreciate the personal attention you gave and the way you handled different personalities. I look forward to our follow up.” (Senior Investment Analyst)

“What a tremendously informative and insightful workshop you delivered to leading women executive members of Amcham Shanghai today – well done!” (Committee Co-Chair Women’s Executive Network for American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai and Partner at a Global Law Firm)

The Talent Advisors offers a range of Mentoring Circles for corporate clients or as public programs or as one-on-one mentoring for individual executives.


Planning Beyond The Next-Level highlights strategies to be ready when a next-level position emerges, including how to apply a different lens to your career to strategically position capabilities, better ways to interview; and how to handle the ‘noise’ or other barriers that are getting in the way of your progress. The tactics of developing a brand, attracting the right sponsor and the dilemmas of self-promotion are explored taking into account the organisational context. It complements the coaching work we do to help think more strategically about careers or accelerating high-impact women through the talent pipeline.

Board Ready Executives assists executives to rethink the strategies and tactics when searching for a first or next Board. It covers how to develop a strengths-based Board CV, deciding which capabilities attain a seat at the table and how to assess the director landscape. The 21 insights and mentor tips for your action plan including preparing for the interview, which networks are more effective and when to draw the line. It complements what we do to develop a Board CV and Prepare For A Board Interview or when we work with companies who use board readiness as leadership development.


Competing For Directorships works with new or aspiring directors to navigate the board search journey more effectively. What is your plan when applying for a non-executive directorship? What strengths do you bring as a committee member or non-executive director? What are the risks of being rejected? What are the unintended consequences of a particular approach?

Networked Leadership is ideal for experienced managers, high-impact talent, change agents or those who have just started in a new position who now need to collaborate and problem-solve across the silos and cross-divisional boundaries. It is full of strategies and tactics that help apply a new lens on change and dissonance while building those critical and sustainable connections. We also focus on what matters most for more meaningful results or outcomes and which tactics help to cope under stress or conflict. It complements the coaching work we do to help executives transition into new roles.

Selected Project mentoring circles or group coaching are when a company has a specific, short-term goal and wants to bring a small group together facilitated by an external mentor. These mentor-directed circles can be used as a development tool, a new approach to problem-solving or to generate new ideas for cross-divisional teams. They have the simultaneous advantages of bringing an external perspective to an issue, a collaborative facilitation process and guided learning. They can also form part of a leadership development program.

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