Astute individuals understand that career success takes more than just working harder. Advancing is often as much as playing by the rules – including the unwritten rules – as it is about talent and results. Successful executives do take charge with adaptive responses – they continually design their career strategies; share knowledge, connect and collaborate with their diverse networks; work on what truly matters; examine their choices for balance; and have champions or trusted mentors. They craft their personal leadership brand.

Most on the fast-track learn that the higher they are, the more difficult it is to talk about their real issues or concerns – and to do so free from the weight of company expectations. It is even harder to find effective and neutral listeners. Central to our relationship is discretion so that the individual can articulate their inner dialogue with total trust. It also provides reflection time – a rarity in today’s world of business.

When working with successful executives and organisations, The Talent Advisors coaching programs or mentoring circles include:

  • Executive and High-Potential: where we work with the most talented. High-impact talent have the highest future value to their organisation. However, success can be paradoxical as the same qualities that lead this A-list to success can also hinder their ability. This program helps the executive explore leadership, adaptation, networked collaboration, systems and change within their business context.
  • Trust As Leadership Roadmap: by exploring the components of trust - competence, disclosure, character and power – a roadmap of managerial leadership is developed. The core questions are: “what type of leader do I want to be” and “how will I make this happen?”
  • Planning Beyond The Next Level: assists those at the pre-promotion phase plan strategies and tactics for a potential appointment - whether it be senior associate, executive, director or partner. It helps high-potential, valued talent better assess which capabilities have the greatest impact to attain a promotion beyond the next-level. It includes how to prepare for nomination and selection, how to develop a promotion-relevant resume and interview techniques.

Next Level_Coaching_The Talent Advisors

  • Board Ready: is for those thinking about their first or further board roles. Our program helps prepare for the various steps needed to apply for the right first appointment and prepare a strengths-based CV and stronger application that demonstrates potential director capability. This coaching program is also used by companies to assist their senior executives and partners take up a non-executive board role as leadership development.


  • Change Agent: the success of corporate change management programs rely on the people who are early adopters and influencers. Supporting these people to understand the change process and how best to use their skills and position as a change agent is important for the success of the transformation initiative.
  • Boardroom Styles and Strengths: helps people consider how they interact in this setting. What is your style in the boardroom? What strengths do you bring as a committee member or non-executive director? What are the unintended consequences of a particular approach? Using a specifically designed instrument these issues are explored followed by one-on-one feedback coaching.
  • Women’s Leadership: offers high-potential talented women a distinct opportunity to understand how to take up their power, influence and authority. Examining the actions needed for success, these women become better placed for gaining promotions; are better connected and confident; and more effective in strategically positioning their careers for future leadership or board roles.
  • New Role Transition: for executives moving into new roles the challenges they face are many and varied. Their inner voice constantly raises questions and doubts. Executives in these positions have increased pressures, face more intense competition and receive less help.
  • Networked Coaching: recognises that businesses need a new approach to cope with the demands and complexities of corporate silos, matrix reporting, knowledge based influence and cross-divisional collaboration. Networked coaching works with those who are best connected to improve decision making and execution while addressing where a division sits on the compete-collaborate continuum.
Our approach is evidence-based. We utilise action-learning, adaptive leadership, self-directed learning and other coaching models to be a trusted thought-partner who explores choices and sharpens focus. An action plan, developed and owned by the executive, is the ongoing roadmap. Executives regard our approach of benefit as it expands thinking, translates into action, increases confidence and reduces missed opportunities.


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