In the context of the organisational strategy and board governance, a skills-matrix review provides a clearer roadmap for chairs, directors, nominations committees and CEOs on what is needed to deliver effective performance and adaptive leadership.

Neutrality and strategic insight is the unique difference we offer.

With a skills matrix review, the real benefit gained is to move from a ‘tick-the-box’ exercise to one that helps the board, collectively and individually, build its capacity for good leadership, strong engagement and strategic value. As outlined in our article The Ideal Board Candidate nominations committees need to ask a range of questions as part of board composition and director selection.


Recognising the value of a ‘high-performing board‘ the review becomes a catalyst for strategic development, a constructive view of strengths effectiveness, hones governance tactics and improves impact. 


A recent Harvard article makes the point when looking at board evaluations more broadly that: “The purpose of the exercise is to ensure that boards are staffed and led appropriately, that board members are effective in fulfilling their obligations, and that reliable processes are in place to satisfy important oversight requirements … The more difficult but more value-producing part of the board evaluation process is to review the contribution of individual directors and the interpersonal and group dynamics among board members.”

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As one client said “… very, very positive about the process and the insight got from it … the whole team felt comfortable that the task was in good hands … look forward to staying in touch.”

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