Board Ready coaching assists executives to rethink the strategies and tactics needed when searching for a first or next board.

Each coaching agenda is personal and can be designed to cover how to:

  • Reduce the risks of your application being rejected
  • Clarify your goals, transferable skills and directorship style
  • Identify your ‘domain strengths’ and value proposition for targeted boards
  • Develop a framework to express the contribution that you bring to the board to match the skills matrix and sub-committee needs
  • Review your board CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile to ensure the right skills are apparent to Nomination Committees
  • Approach the nomination in a way that reinforces your case as a director
  • Be more effective with future board searches and interviews
  • Analyse the director vacancy landscape carefully to pinpoint where to focus, gaps in the market, geographic hotspots, where your skills are of real benefit, identify strong or weak ties; and where to network
  • Consider due diligence of hard data, soft skills, boardroom dynamics and the eight warning signs.

You also complete the Boardroom Styles and Strengths instrument. What is your style in the boardroom? What strengths do you bring as a committee member or non-executive director? What are the unintended consequences of a particular approach? What is your style, and that of your fellow directors, when under pressure?

The program length is set to meet individual needs, but is typically three 90 minute sessions, which can be held face-to-face or by phone for those based in other locations.

The point of difference of these coaching sessions is well-developed and proven coaching frameworks on board-readiness, director capability and board applications.

For further details email or call 0400 806 336

What others say:

“While I was preparing myself for Board work I came across Dianne Jacobs who helped me build my Board CV and coached me around what Boards are looking for and how to prepare myself for it.  I found the process really challenged me to think about myself, and what I might bring in a very different (and helpful) way.  That reshaping has helped me now build my Board portfolio to 3 in over a year.” (Partner Consulting Practice, Major Accounting Firm)

“Dianne was a great coach and I learnt a lot from her structured approach to the mentoring objectives. When starting out on this journey, being able to speak with someone who is knowledgeable of the expectations of Boards is such an advantage. Working through an application was an extremely useful approach.“ (Aspiring Non-Executive Director)

“I found Dianne to be utterly professional. She demonstrated a keen knowledge of the elements essential to be present in a board-ready CV and was able to guide me in the appropriate method of drafting that content. Dianne was enthusiastic and supportive and made a number of excellent recommendations that were not only practical but also sensible given my particular circumstances. I was delighted to have Dianne as my mentor and would be happy to endorse her to anyone seeking similar guidance and advice.” (Aspiring Non-Executive Director)

“Just thought I would pass on a little bit of positive feedback I received on my board CV. The board that I am about to join is conducting an evaluation of its board and I have been included as the evaluation team want to understand where the new board members will fit in. I was complemented on my excellent ‘capabilities based’ CV. Thought you should share the congratulations. Thanks again.” (Non-Executive Director)

“I am delighted to let you know that I have been offered a position on the board. They told me they were impressed with my written application when I arrived for my interview. Thanks so much for helping me with the written application and the interview tips!” (Non-Executive Director, Consultant and Executive Manager)