The Talent Advisors focus is on capability: delivering outcomes to improve leader impact, strengthen networked leadership, increase promotion rates of pipeline talent, enhance board-ready tactics for partners and executives, assist organisations use board appointments or executive committees as leadership development, and coach executives during transitions. We work with organisations and individuals as an advisor, coach and consultant.


Welcome to our site. As you browse through the pages and blog you will notice that our work is based on the view that capability drives results. 

Distinguishing characteristics of successful organisations are exceptional leadership and the capacity to generate ongoing ‘banks’ of intellectual capital. High-potential diverse talent represents one of the greatest sources of current and potential value for a business. Ambitious people also want to find new ways to be relevant and competent. Leaders who recognise this, and work hard to take their best and brightest – their A-listers – to higher levels of achievement, deliver strategic value to their organisation.  

We believe leadership is not clouded in mystique. In a ‘market-driven, culture-led’ business, it is the market or customer that determines what to do; and it is the company’s culture that determines the ‘how.’ The issue is that leadership may be intellectually simple, but it is behaviourally complex. It is not only intellect and talent that determines leadership – after all IQ is not EQ. Leaders make and take decisions based on who they are. Yet, because leadership is so personal, there can be unintended consequences.

We work with c-suite executives, partners and directors to leverage their strengths, support their transitions through the pipeline or to boards, facilitate networked decision making and shape their managerial leadership.

Our client relationships are collaborative. Based on trust, this mutual connection fosters a joint commitment to both agreed outcomes and the value of the ongoing alliance. 


The latest thinking is what we bring to our client’s key issues, including our range of Mentoring Circles on managerial leadership or next-level promotions or board readiness or boardroom styles and strengths or greater cross-silo synergies that can be held for organisations as part of their high-potential development programs or as public programs for individual executives.


Dianne Jacobs is the founding Principal of The Talent Advisors and she would be delighted if you contact her to talk about our consulting and coaching areas of practice.